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July 18, 2011
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Perfect Match

I had to push myself. There was no way I would stop. I had to make Soul become a Death Scythe. This was just another enemy.

I was in the heat of battle with Soul against another monster with a Kishin egg as their soul. It was a low level and shouldn't have been a problem, but it was the 5th monster I had fought that day and they had all been formidable foes. They just kept appearing around us.

After many combos I rested for a few seconds to catch my breath. Soul could tell I was tired.

"Maka… you gonna make it?" he asked caringly in his cool voice from his scythe form.

"Of course... Who do you… think you're… talking to?" I asked, a slight smile finding my face before I raced off for another attack.

The monster had many spikes coming out from all over its red and brown body. It's only week points were its face, which was quite small, and all its feet. (It had about 7.)
Which weren't covered in the spikes.

I swung Soul at it mercilessly, wanting to put an end to it before I couldn't handle anymore. Sweat was running all down my back and my throat and mouth were as dry as a desert.

Just finish it, I told myself. One more blow and he's going down.

I raced forward once more, pushing myself past my limits. My legs pumped underneath me. My whole body felt numb, but I stayed focused. I sliced his head in half with one clean swipe. He was done for. I sighed, releasing my body from all the strain it had been under when I shrank to the ground and Soul transformed to take the Kishin Egg.

"Nice one," he said as he swallowed it, making a slurping noise as he did.

"Yeah…" I breathed, taking in deep whiffs of air. I wiped my forehead and my vision suddenly started to blur. I held myself up with my hands that I placed on the ground, looking down as I tried to blink the blurriness away, but it wouldn't go.

"Maka?" I heard Soul ask as he started towards me, but my vision went dark and something hit my head hard. That was the last thing I remember.


I made our way to our apartment with Maka on my back. She was quite light, but I didn't mind either way. She really pushed herself today, but did a great job all the same. I was proud of my meister. Besides, it's not like I minded the smell of Maka on the way home, her flower scent dancing around my nose as I walked.

Once we arrived I slid her off my back and onto her bed and covered her with the sheets, laying my eyes upon her as I did. Her face looked peaceful as her eyes remained closed and her bangs lay on her forehead, her mouth was slightly open, and her hair, which was out of its usual pigtails, was cast all around her head. I starred a bit longer than I should have because I started to not want to leave her. Eventually I sat on the floor next to her bed, watching over her as her small chest slowly rose up and back down. She lay on her side, facing me as I rested my head on the bed as I sat, gazing over her features, memorizing ever last detail that I already knew. A crooked smile grew on my face. She really was the greatest partner ever.

Before I knew what was happening and before I could stop myself; my face was merely inches away from hers. Slowly, I placed my lips onto hers, doing what I wanted to do ever since I met her. Though, I was too shocked by my actions for it to last more than a second or so. I scurried out of the room, wanted to facepalm myself one million times and one as I stood in front of the door and looked back for a second, smiling as I did.

"Goodnight…" I whispered. "…Maka…"


I woke with a foggy feeling in my mind. I was still tired and my whole body ached with it. My head was pounding and I could feel a small bump on the back of it. I rubbed my eyes and lazily sat up in bed, shaking myself a bit to wake myself. I got up and looked into my mirror; shocked when I found myself still completely dressed from the day before.

I quickly changed into a clean, loose T-shirt and shorts and walked into the main room of our apartment, not caring that it looked like I was still in my pajamas and that I hadn't brushed my hair. I threw myself onto the couch and closed my eyes, listening to whatever was on the TV and letting the scents of breakfast fill my nose. I could smell bacon, my favorite breakfast food. My mouth watered, but I realized something. Today was my turn to make food. I sat up and went into the kitchen, finding Soul at the stove.

"I thought it was my turn to cook…? … Not that I'm complaining," I said as I leaned on the counter, starring at Soul as he remained focused on the food. Soul continued to not say anything. I raised an eyebrow. "Soul?" I asked. He seemed to turn away a bit, not wanting to look at me as he hummed to let me know he was listening. I only shrugged and waited for the food to be done.

Once it was we both sat at the table enjoying our breakfast. Soul, once again refused to look at me. I kept my eyes glued on him, watching his every move. Don't ask me why I was so suspicious, and I actually suspected nothing to be wrong, maybe he was just tired, but I wanted to be sure. And sure enough, I caught him stealing a quick glance at me. I raised my brow once more and while I was thinking I wondered just exactly why I wore my clothes to bed last night and remembered the previous night's happenings.

"Hey, Soul… How did I get home last night?" I asked, anxious for his answer because I was quite confused.

"You passed out… So I had to carry you…" he said, refusing to look at me again.

"… Why won't you look at me?" I questioned, a bit angry.

"… What are you talking about?" he asked as he still didn't look.

"Look at me," I commanded and he slowly raised his head, allowing me to take in his figure; his snow-white, messy hair, his deep red eyes, and for some reason, what looked like an embarrassed expression on his face. He quickly looked back down. "What's your problem?" I asked, even angrier. He seemed to smile the slightest bit before his face grew red and he got up from the table.

"I'm finished," he sighed and threw his plate into the sink and went into his room, closing the door.

What's HIS problem?... Wait… I passed out last night?

I got up and went to Soul's door after him, knocking furiously.

"Soul! Open up!" I said, feeling awfully pushy, more than I usually was. I started to regret it and began to back off a bit, but just in the right moment, when I DIDN'T want him to open the door, he did; Soul opened his door. His face was strangely sincere and he was looking deeply into my eyes, deeper than ever before.

"Soul…?" I asked slowly, but before I had the chance to say anything else I found myself wrapped in Soul's tight embrace. His arms somehow snaked their way tightly around my waist. I'd never been so close to him. "What are you-…" I started, but Soul suddenly looked me straight in the eye and pushed his lips onto mine, kissing me passionately. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the moment.

Once he finally pulled away I looked endearingly at him, but my mood quickly swayed to anger.

"WHAT ARE YOU---???" I started, irritated, but let myself melt in his hug and found myself snuggling my face into his chest, my throat and eyes burning intensely.

No… No… Men… They're all the same… I… I can't trust anyone… I thought as I sank into Soul, starting to cry profusely; my emotions of love and hate mixing into one. How can I trust him?... But… I want to…

"Maka… I…" Soul stared. "I'm tired of waiting all the time… I'm tired of pretending… I like you, Maka… a lot… Ever since I first laid eyes on you," he told me, whispering the words into my ear as he tightly gripped my trembling body and I did the same to him. And that was all I needed. Something inside me told my head that this was right. I knew this is where I was supposed to be. There was no way someone as cool as Soul would be like papa.

"Me too…" I spoke through my tears. "Thanks… Thank you… Soul…," I started, sitting back up and staring into his caring eyes. "…For showing me… that you're not all the same."

He smiled gently then, understanding my meaning as he slowly leaned closer, enveloping me in a kiss once more, drying the tears that were stained on my cheeks, there was no need for them anymore; I'd found my perfect match.
This is an entry for the :iconsouleaterrp: group contest. I'm going to put this in the categories Hurt/Comfort/Emotional and Romantic.

Hope you guys enjoy! ... :iconicameplz: You better enjoy this :iconimragingplz: lol jk :iconimsuperhappyplz:


I dn't own Soul Eater in any way, shape, or form. I only made this fanfic :D
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