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March 1, 2012
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"Aaa-chooo!" Maka sneezed. Soul groaned.

"What gives, Maka? Why are you sneezing so much? Stop it. It's getting annoying," Soul asked as he leaned his chair back in his desk, he starred up at the ceiling, trying to hide his concern for his partner with his cool demeanor and pretending to only half care.

Maka glared over at her weapon, her eyes as sharp as daggers. "How am I supposed to help it?"

"Simple. Why don't you try going to bed?" he said, his tone; irritating. Maka puckered her lips and jeered away, staring out the window of their apartment at the setting sun over Death City.

"Not tired," she said, a bit childishly, but angrily at the same time.

"What does that matter? You're sick. Go to bed," he said matter-of-factly and quite forcefully at the same time.

"It's not even that bad," Maka sneered.

"Oh, really?" he asked lightly while suddenly getting up and going over to her at the couch. He turned her back to him and put his hand on his forehead. "Doesn't seem that way to me. You're burning up." It wasn't more than a few seconds when Maka slapped his hand away and swiftly got up.

"Fine," she mumbled as she walked away to her room; for she had started to blush profusely. She'd hoped he hadn't seen it though.

Later That Evening

Knock, Knock

"Maka, I'm coming in," Soul said to the door before he slowly opened the door and walked in. From her bed, Maka slowly sat up and began rubbing her eyes gently. She mumbled something imperceptible. "Didn't mean to wake you. I brought you dinner," he told her quietly, walking over to her bed with the tray in his hands.

"Oh… Thanks…" she whispered, still half-asleep.

I knew she was tired. Why didn't she realize she was sick and go to bed earlier?
Soul sat the tray down on her lap. "Just put it on the ground when you're done. I'll get it later," he told her; turned away and facing the door. He began to walk away when he heard her voice once more.

"Uh-… Soul…" she spoke, her voice a little more lively.

"Mh?" he murmured coolly, pretending not to care. He stopped and turned his head halfway back, staring at her green, hazy eyes.

"Um…" she looked down at her food. "Never mind… sorry," she said.

"O-kay. You need anything just call," he said before heading out the door and closing it softly, barely making a sound. Maka watched as he did, the last thing she saw was his snow-white hair leaving. She starred down at the tray he had put on her lap and gave a slight smile. He knew exactly what to give her to make her feel better.

Maka finished the meal and put the tray on the ground like Soul had instructed. She starred out her window, letting her mind wonder until it grew foggy she was too tired to even think. She let her body fall back into bed and snuggled herself into a ball. About to lose herself to sleep, she slit her eyes open, letting them rest on her closed door, a faint light slipping through the bottom. She watched as a shadow found its way in front of it. Soon after, eyes closed and she fell into slumber.


Soul lightly placed his forehead on Maka's door, wondering if she had fallen asleep yet. He placed his hand on the knob, but couldn't find the nerve to turn it. He exhaled and walked back to the couch where he had been previously been sitting. He laid down, staring at the ceiling, and put his hands behind his head.

Why am I?...

He closed his eyes and though, it's just to get the tray… nothing more.
Soul then got back up, his confidence rejuvenated and quietly snuck into Maka's room.

Without even looking, he quickly got the tray off the floor and was about to walk right the door when something in him made him look back. His eyes spotted her curled up body on the bed. A faint glow of moonlight outlined her body. She almost looked as though she was glowing. He set the tray down and walked back over, her hair was spread over her forehead and pillow. Her face looked so tender and calm. He smiled a small, crooked smile. He sat down on the floor and leaned onto the bed, her face directly in front of his.


Maka awoke to birds tweeting outside her window. She took in the smells of morning and discovered she could actually breathe. She easily sat up out of bed, feeling a lot better. Her eyes grew wide when she someone familiar right next to her.


She smiled and laid back down, listening to Soul breath in and out.

"Thanks for taking care of me, Soul," she said, kissing him lightly on the forehead, She smiled timidly  to herself, content with laying down with Soul next to her until he woke up.

A small fanfic i did as a request for :iconimadethis4you: Hope u enjoy :iconstudmuffinplz:
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