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April 5, 2011
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"Dammit! How can I, the great Blackstar, get stuck with extra luggage he doesn't even need!!!" Blackstar moaned. Maka sighed. He was so annoying sometimes. It was kinda true though. Maka had made Soul into a Death Scythe and Blackstar and Kid were getting noticeably stronger by the day.

"Death must have a good reason for putting us all together. It's got to be a big
mission," Maka stated. Blackstar huffed.

"Yes, this is true," Kid put in.

"I could have handled this myself," Blackstar said to himself, seemingly trying to be quiet but failing miserably. Maka rolled her eyes as we continued walking the streets of London.

Maka looked up at the smiling moon, remembering when they were always put on missions together. They're a freakin' lethal team.

"BESIDES, WHAT'S SO BIG AND POWERFUL THAT IT HIDES IN THE STREETS OF LONDON? (not to mention so big and powerful that I can't handle alone)AND WOULDN'T YOU WANT YOUR CRIB TO BE IN A SPOOKY CAVE OR DUNGEON OR SOMTHIN'" Blackstar boomed, loud enough for the whole city of London to hear.

Maka slapped her hand on her forehead and let it slid down her face. She turned her face away, pretending he wasn't there. She then turned her attention to Soul; walking right next to her. His hands were shoved in his pockets, his hair messed up and in a thin black headband, as usual, wearing a blue sweater-vest and black pants; since it was so cold. He looked warm and Maka wondered why she hadn't been smart enough to dress warmly in the middle of winter in London. Maka looked down at her black tights and short jean skirt, black long-sleeved shirt with a purple sweater-shirt on top. She brushed some of her hair out of her face, feeling the temperature of her hands in the process; ice cold.

I'd even worn my hair down and I'm still this cold? … If only Soul would…

Maka shook off the thought and kept trudging alone next to Soul, Tsubaki, Blackstar, Kid, Patty, and Liz.

"Look! Up there!" Patty giggled, pointing. Liz suddenly screamed.

"Ah! Oh no! A monster!!!" Liz screeched.

"Liz, Patty!" Kid commanded and they automatically switched to weapon form.

"Tsubaki!" Blackstar called and Tsubaki switched to her black sword mode.

"Maka," Soul said, holding out his hand. Maka starred at his face for a moment, confused.

Is he?... Idiot! What am I thinking?

Maka quickly grabbed his hand, noticing it was nice and warm before Soul transformed into a scythe.

Whatever it was, jumped down from the roof of the building they were next to, placing it's evil, ugly,… (fat?) self in front of them. It really was ugly and fat, but they all ignored that and instantly started attacking it with our usual moves. Eventually Maka was able to land a solid slice through it's side and something came pouring out that wasn't blood.

"What the hell?" Blackstar squinted.

Kid seemed to ignore whatever was coming out of it because he screamed, "Maka you buffoon! You cut him unsymmetrically! Fix it! NOW!"

Maka ignored him and found that some of the substance remained on Soul's blade from when she cut him. Maka spun him around but it didn't seem to come off. Then, feeling the need to, she turned on her soul-perception powers and noticed that something was terribly wrong. It wasn't just anything coming out of the monster, it was black blood.

Why hadn't I realized this sooner? This really doesn't seem normal, why am I so off today?

Soul started chuckling madly.

"Soul?" Maka asked. "Soul, what's wrong?" His laughing grew louder and he transformed back to his usual self… only he wasn't acting so usual. She reached for him as he walked away, just missing his arm. He walked in front of the monster and smiled cruelly. The monster was just about to take a slice at him when Soul quickly and swiftly delivered the finishing hit, blowing him to smithereens. Soul turned around then, facing them. On his face were stripes of black. One of his eyes were even completely dark.


Soul made two blades come out of his forearms and started abruptly attacking Blackstar.

"Soul, what the hell are you doing you bastard!" Blackstar screeched at him, defending himself from his attacks.

"Soul! Stop this now!" Kid yelled to him.

It… it must be the madness… he's lost control…

"Soul, remember who you are!" Maka yelled to him, tightening her jaw and clutching her stomach.

Soul stopped immediately and starred straight into Maka's eyes. She shivered with fear.

Why am I scared?

Soul smiled evilly again and started walking towards Maka and gradually started running before his was full-on sprinting towards her, blades hoisted for attack. Kid jumped in front on her just in time. Soul attacked Kid, trying to get through him to get to Maka.

"Maka… What's the heck is wrong with him?" Kid asked, struggling with Soul's angry attacks.

"It…" Maka whispered, "It must be the black blood!"

"How do we help him?" she heard Tsubaki ask.

Maka though to herself for a moment.

Last time I saved him from the madness I…

"Blackstar, Kid! See if you can hold him down!" Maka told them and they went to the task, struggling terribly since Soul could pretty much make a blade appear anywhere on his body he wanted. Every time they both grabbed his arm he would make blades appear on them and cut them. Maka though some more before she said,

"Try to pin him against the wall!"

Kid and Blackstar did as she said, even though it took them awhile before they could do so. They had his back against a wall and one of Kid's hands were holding onto Soul's wrist which was outstretched the length of arm while Blackstar was on the other side doing the same thing, leaving Soul in a fixed position.

Maka slowly made her way over to him. Once Soul saw her he made at least five blades come out of his torso. Maka ignored them, refusing to be scared. Once she was face-to-face she wedged her way through the tight blades until she found his chest and laid the side of her face on it, placing her hands a ways underneath her face and closed her eyes, trying to synchronize with his out of control soul wave-length. Maka could feel Kid and Blackstar's gaze but she had to ignore them. The she felt Soul trying to escape his tight spot when she was just about to match his wave-length, but his efforts were in vain, she was in.

Maka could hear her steady breathing in the darkness. She slowly and surely started walking forward, hearing her newly-found heels clicking the floor as she did. She eventually reached the light, finding herself once again in the black and red room, landing her gaze on a sleeping Soul on a big loveseat. Maka slowly walked to him, noticing her change in outfit to her expected black dress, tights, and long black gloves, until she stood in front of him. She watched his chest move slowly up and down. She found the slightest smile on her face before she moved some of his hair out of his forehead and his eyes twinkled to life. When she caught sight of his eyes she gasped. One was black, just like the Soul on the outside.

"Hey," he said coolly, like nothing was wrong. Maka felt her face twist.

"Do you even know what's going on right now?" Maka asked, a sigh in her voice.

"Of course I do," Soul said, getting up and walking around the room filled with pictures of him on the wall and his grand piano in the middle of the room.

"Well then, how are we supposed to fix this?" Maka asked, frustrated.

"The answer to that, my friend, is quite simple," a devilish little voice came. Soul and Maka both turned to see it was Soul's little red devil that was supposedly "part of Soul."

"And what makes you think we'll trust you?" Soul and Maka said in unison.

"Trust me or not, it's the only way your ever gonna get outta here," the devil said, giving a grin that spread ear-to-ear. Soul raised an eyebrow and the devil's smile grew even wider if possible. "You see," he started but was interrupted by his own chuckles "You there," he pointed to Maka "have an anti-madness wave-length. So basically you are the answer girl."

"What do you want me to do?" Maka asked, not trusting him at all.

"Well right now you and Soul are your own actual souls, not bodies, so all you would really need to do is get close," he said and chuckled madly. "As close as possible."

Soul turned to Maka and she could feel her face grow beat-red. She expected him to say something like 'With this tiny-tit girl? No way!' But he didn't, he only gave her a slight, almost sweet smile, and offered his hand.

Maka felt her whole body grown hot, like it was it's own sun, and her throat get so tight she though she might suffocate.

Maka slowly took his hand, flinching slightly when she first touched it, but Soul gingerly took it, lacing his fingers with hers. She starred into his deep, engulfing, red eyes. She melted under his gaze and let herself be drawn into his embrace. She curled her face into his shoulder blade and listened to his steady heartbeat, not letting herself hear anything but Soul.

He's so…

Maka relaxed into him and slowly reached her hands around his waist as well, since his hands were already around hers.

"Hehehehe," she heard the devil chuckle. "How sweet, but not close enough."

Maka felt her heart skip a beat and though she was going to faint for a slight second. Before she could think anything more Soul pulled away and starred right into her emerald, green eyes, his face slowly inching closer to hers until he was merely centimeters away.

So close…

She felt his breath on her lips, she closed her eyes and---

Maka threw herself up in bed. She wiped her forehead to find it and her entire body and bed completely drenched in sweat. She slowly got out of bed, still lazy from sleep and unaware of basically everything, and made her way out of her room and to the bathroom where she shut the door and starred at herself in the mirror. The light from the bathroom blinked away the remaining sleep in Maka's eyes and she gracefully placed her fingers on her lips. For some reason, she felt tears begin to well in her eyes and stream down her cheeks.

Soul… He was…

Maka slowly shook her head and wiped away her tears. She sadly turned off the light and opened the door, only to completely bump into something on her way out, making her trip a few steps backwards and begin to fall when she felt her hand being caught and her whole body swayed back upright. When she opened her eyes again the only thing in front of her was white and smelled intoxicating. She looked up to find Soul starring straight at her. She was about to back away when she realized that Soul had not yet let her hand go. She started to tug and when he still didn't release her she looked up once again to find Soul rubbing her cheek.

"Maka? Crying?"

Maka looked down, wanting nothing but to go back to her bed and as far away from Soul as possible.

"Leave me alone," she told him. Soul started to drop his hand away but for some reason she felt hers catch it and lace her fingers with his before his was able to get away.

She looked back up at Soul's confused face and smiled the slightest bit. "Soul," she said as her other hand found his free one and she stepped closer. "Stop talking."

Maka pressed her lips to his. She felt lightning strike down her spine and her hands snake their way from Soul's hands to his neck and his around her waist.

It lasted for at least 5 seconds until Maka pulled away, walking towards her bedroom door, only turning around to give a wink to Soul, then going back to bed, hoping she could finish her dream and that it would be as good as the real thing.
THIS IS A REQUEST... WELL ACTUALLY THIS IS TWO REQUESTS THAT I COMBINED INTO ONE :D ima sneaky girl. i got the requests from :iconfeistalobo: and :iconaxelluver300:

Ok once i was finished with this i actually squealled XDDD I love this so much and i hope you guys do too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT! I APPRECIATE IT!!!

Oh and sorry for any typos. this is only my second fanfiction and i just type then post. i dont really read it over. if something dosent make sense you can tell more or not. i dont really care. if its really botherin u then tell me n i will fix it. if it dosent bother u but u tell me anyway... well then ill fix it then it will just be okay XD

and i would also LOVE if anyone could give me some sort of request for a story preferably soul eater but it dosen't really matter. no i haven't seen EVERY anime but i've seen alot. i have seen all the classics though... anywayz, requests would be much appreciated and i would get them done ASAP. i just need some for 1 - to give me something to do. and 2 - i need more writing practice

I did not create Soul Eater in any way, shape, for form and i do not claim it's creation as my own. i only made this fanfiction.
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