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"You have GOT to be kidding me!" Maka whined, red faced, and angry. She could already feel the sweat forming on the back of her neck.

Sure, Soul and I have been going out for quite a while now but THIS? You can't be serious…

Maka thought, remembering her previous mission from that day. She and Soul had been fighting an enemy and just before they killed it it put some kind of binding spell on them, almost like handcuffs, though you could only see it when Soul and Maka tried to walk away from each other. The handcuffs wouldn't allow their hands more than 5 inches apart.

Maka tried pulling her hand away again, making a white string that was attached to both of their wrist visible for as long as she pulled, which wasn't long since she knew it was useless. Maka turned to Soul then who seemed to be in deep though. When Soul caught her eye he smiled.

"Come on Maka, this isn't so bad. It's kinda cool," he told her, making her heart start to beat so much she feared it might stop. She quickly twisted her head the other way and started tugging Soul towards the DWMA.


"Uh, Death Sir… we have a problem…" Maka told Death, not daring to make eye contact with his goofy looking mask.

"Eh? What? Did something go wrong with the mission?" Death asked, in his always happy tone.

"Well… no, the mission was fine but… look," she said as she moved her hand, revealing the chain connecting her to Soul.

"Oh my…"

After the doctor examined the chain she told them that it shouldn't be a problem; it would wear off in a few days, besides, because the chain was invisible when it wasn't pulled on they could both be on one side of the door when one of them needed to go to the restroom, and sent them home.

I absolutely cannot believe this… Sure we got the restroom thing covered but… tomorrow is Saturday… I need to take a shower… and go to bed… and cook… and… change my clothes…

Maka fumed behind Soul as they rode through the cold night on his motorcycle. Maka couldn't sit in a very comfortable position, but she dreaded getting home and hopped the ride would last forever.

Once they finally got to their apartment the first thing Soul needed to do was go to the bathroom.

"I need to go to the bathroom," Soul said sympathetically, as he was clearly embarrassed as he turned his head away from Maka as he said it.

Maka felt her face redden a bit then walked to the bathroom door with Soul. Soul went in and closed the door. (Luckily their toilet was right next to the door.) Maka leaned against the door as she waited for Soul. At some point Soul walked to far away and was pulling Maka's hand into the door. Maka pulled her hand back hard. She heard Soul grumble.

"You're pulling me," she told him through the door. She didn't get a response because just then Soul opened the door and started walking towards the kitchen with Maka following him like a lost puppy. Soul then started fumbling through the refrigerator.

I have to go through this for two more days… don't I?

"You hungry?" Soul asked, Maka didn't respond for a few seconds because she was too lost in what she would have to go through for the next two days. She did realize that she was very hungry, she hadn't eaten since breakfast, and it was now 7 o' clock.

"Starving," she breathed.

Together, Soul and Maka awkwardly made themselves dinner, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They hadn't dared try to make something more complex. Once they were finished preparing their food they both sat down and began eating their meal with one hand, their others laced within their partners.

The whole time Maka ate her mind buzzed with ten different thoughts at the same time.
*Everything I do in the next two days… with Soul? Sure we've gone out for a while… but… oh dear…*

Maka could feel her face blush while she ate and instantly quickened her pace; hoping Soul wouldn't notice her nervousness. He never misses a beat though.

"Something wrong?" Soul asked. Maka quickly shook her head, almost violently. Soul gave her a suspicious look but shrugged it off. A few minutes later it seemed he knew what she had been thinking about and started to grow the slightest blush himself.
They both finished their sandwiches at the same time and instantaneously got up, put their plates in the sink, and sat at the couch. Maka cautiously watched as Soul turned on some station she was too distracted to see what it actually was. She was too focused on him.

Right next to him…

Maka slowly rested her head on Soul's shoulder. She felt Soul rest his head on hers while he gently brushed hair off her forehead with his free hand. Maka then found Soul's hand under her chin, gently raising her face to his, drawing her into a long, and much wanted kiss. Maka kissed him back, closing her eyes as she wrapped her hand around his back and found his around her waist. Maka felt herself tingle with delight as their lips danced with each other. It got more intense and at the same time, more tender and loving. Somehow, when Maka finally opened her eyes, she found herself lying on top of Soul, stuck like glue. She jumped off and lightly smiled.

Maka looked at the clock then: 9 o' clock.

"I need to take a shower," Maka found herself saying instinctively, instantly blushing when she realized what she said. She peeked over to Soul who you could tell by just looking at, was thinking perverted thoughts. Maka wacked him one with her Maka-Chop. "So what do you propose we do? You need to take a shower too," Maka told him.

I suppose I could always take it with my swim suit on…

Soul opened his mouth and was about to say something when Maka interrupted "We'll have to wear our swim suits." Soul seemed a bit disappointed at this idea. Maka rolled her eyes and dragged Soul into her room, taking her swim suit out of her drawer. She was ready to get dressed when she turned to Soul with a dastardly stare, fire in her mint green eyes as she said, "If you peek so help me I'll---"

"Yeah, yeah," Soul said, turning.

Maka quickly undressed and re-dressed, unable to tell if Soul was truly looking or not, wanting to keep her back to him even though they were only a few feet away. She tossed off her fashionable, light blue, ruffled tang top, her jean shorts, leaving her bra and underwear for last. Then when Maka got to the bottom part of her swim suit top she couldn't reach the back. She held it, covering her small breasts when she said, "I need you to tie this," she told him, quickly kicking her other clothes away so Soul wouldn't be able to see her underwear before he turned and tied the strings together. Soul looked away then and went into his room, retrieving his swim trunks from his drawer.

"You know you don't hav---" Soul started.

"Shut up," Maka told him, turning around. She listened as Soul took off his tee-shirt, knee-length khakies, his … Maka felt her stomach start to twist. She forced herself to stop. When she heard him stop moving she turned her head slightly to see he was done. Maka smiled a bit then led him to the bathroom and into their hot

Maka felt grateful for the warm water. It seemed to wash away all her worries, even though they were standing right next to her, in the shape of a tall, muscular, tan man with cloud-white hair, ruby red eyes, and an enormous scar that traced along his whole torso that gave Maka nightmares. Maka then started washing her hair, letting Soul help as she did since it made her smile and made butterflies flutter in her stomach. Maka also helped with Soul's hair. When Maka started putting her rose-scented body wash on she felt Soul begin to help again, rubbing all over her back and her arms, making her feel as if her skin was crawling with electricity. She felt herself blush wildly and smile with pleasure. Once she put enough body wash on Soul continued to rub her but Maka caught his hand and kissed his lips tenderly, smiling and rising off the rest of the suds before they both stepped out of the shower, drying each other with their towels.

I thought I would hate this… but I kinda don't mind…

Soul and Maka walked out of the bathroom, feeling the warm air escape the bathroom and the cold crawl though their skin. Soul yawned.

"I'm tired too," Maka whispered to him. They both got dressed in their pajamas in the same manner kinda just stood there when they were ready for bed.

I'm tired but…

"Let's go to bed," Soul told her, with one of his crooked smiles, only this one was somewhat gentle looking. Maka nodded and they both climbed into her bed. Maka laid there, stiff as a stick as Soul's arm was tossed lazily over she shoulders, forcing her arm to be bent upwards, to where Soul wanted it. Maka huffed but eventually cooled down and turned to her side, lacing her hand with Souls, keeping his arm over her should and curving into his body. Maka listened to Souls heartbeat like it was a lullaby and feel asleep to it.


Maka tossed and turned until she forced her suddenly light-filled eyes open. She eventually sat up in bed, turned her attention to Soul, and looked him up and down. She gently caressed his cheek, suddenly feeling like romantic crap like that was natural.

"Good morning sunshine," she spoke softly to him.

Soul was lazily turned over in his sleep, his hair messed up, going every which way, but his face peaceful until he slit one glaring eye open. Maka smiled as he sat up and gave her a light kiss on the forehead.

We've come so far from yesterday, it's because…

She looked down at her wrist, the handcuffs invisible to her, but for some reason she felt like she was really happy they were there.

Breakfast went by swiftly and Maka found herself again on the couch, though this time she was entertained by her favorite morning show and Soul was distracting himself with his music coming from the headphones he had on while he laid on the couch, head in Makas lap. While the show was on commercial break she looked down at Soul's relaxed face. His eyes were shut; his whole body was concentrated and filled with the jazz music being played through his headphones. Maka smiled sweetly. She remembered when she first met Soul, when she first heard him play.

It's been five whole years…

Five whole years since Maka walked into the great ballroom, furnished with only a grand piano in the middle of the room, being played by the man whom she felt so strongly for, who played his feelings through the piano keys so willingly, so freely. The music left her in a trance, she knew from that moment, she knew from the moment they shook hands and became partners, she knew from the moment Soul first asked her out, she knew from the moment they first kissed, she knew…

"Soul," she whispered to herself, eyes closed, having paid no attention to anything but her thoughts for the last five minutes. "I love you, Soul. I really do…" she whispered again, feeling the love actually coming from her own words. She opened her eyes to find Soul facing her, head phones off, at full attention.

"Maka," he said, in his deep and sexy voice. "I love you too."

I don't think these next days will be a problem, in fact, I don't mind if these handcuffs ever come off, because I love them, though not as much as I love Soul.
This is another awesome request by :iconfeistalobo:

Hope u enjoy :D


Oh and sorry for any typos. this is only my second fanfiction and i just type then post. i dont really read it over. if something dosent make sense you can tell more or not. i dont really care. if its really botherin u then tell me n i will fix it. if it dosent bother u but u tell me anyway... well then ill fix it then it will just be okay XD

and i would also LOVE if anyone could give me some sort of request for a story preferably soul eater but it dosen't really matter. no i haven't seen EVERY anime but i've seen alot. i have seen all the classics though... anywayz, requests would be much appreciated and i would get them done ASAP. i just need some for 1 - to give me something to do. and 2 - i need more writing practice

I did not create Soul Eater in any way, shape, for form and i do not claim it's creation as my own. i only made this fanfiction.
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